'THE ACTIVIST' (Short film)

The Activist is a 2003 mocumentary inspired by writer/director Jackie Ryan's experiences of not being a very good one.

It stars Paul Denny, Michael Futcher, Yalin Ozucelik and Caroline Dunphy. It is dedicated to legitimate activists everywhere.



  • Okemedia (Germany + European Tour)
  • Education Channel (USA)
  • Wildspaces Festival (Aust)
  • 'Time to Go, John' DVD bonus features


  • Winner: Best Short Film - Kill Your TV (Aust).


  • Yalin is one of the stars of 'Burger Force'
  • Caroline appears in 'Any Ladies?' and 'Burger Force'
  • Director of Photography Fung Cheung also shot 'Any Ladies?' and 'Macrame'

Photos (l-r): Paul Denny and Jackie Ryan, Director of Photography Fung Cheung with Paul, and Paul with people playing the legitimate protesters. These and the other behind the scenes photos that appear here were taken by Man Cheung.