2002 music video for Artificial's 'Macrame'.

Directed by Jackie Ryan.

Shot on Mini DV.



  • Next Festival (Canada)
  • Orphic (Aust)
  • Ladyfest (Aust)
  • Rage (ABC TV)
  • Channel V


  • We made a VHS version of this for the participants (because why wouldn't you?); the David Forman designed cover has been reproduced here for your 1980s-infused pleasure.
  • Danielle Ulhman and Sophia Woods  are also in 'Any Ladies?'
  • Amanda-Lyn also appears in 'The Activist', 'Any Ladies?' and 'Burger Force'.
  • Shing Fung Cheung (DOP), Kathryn Kelly (producer), Man Cheung (stills) and Tiffany Beckwith-Skinner (make up) worked on 'Any Ladies', 'Unisex' and 'The Activist'. Kath and Tiffany also worked on 'Burger Force' and 'Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary'.
Macrame Cover