Any Ladies?

2002 Music video for Artificial on 16mm film. Directed by Jackie Ryan.


  • St Kilda National Screening Tour (Aust)
  • Toronto Online Film Festival (Canada)
  • Mediawave (Hungry)
  • Ladyfest (Aust)


  • Caroline Dunphy, Zelda Boyd, Sofia Woods and Danielle Uhlmann also appear in 'The Activist'
  • Leah Shelton, Caroline Dunphy and Neridah Waters also appear in 'Burger Force'
  • DOP Fung Cheung also shot 'The Activist' and 'Macrame'
  • Makeup artist Tiffany Beckwith-Skinner does makeup for every project Jackie can gt her for
  • Co-Producer Kathryn Kelly has helped with almost every project since the 1990s.