H2Ocean’s NOTHING soap with Lidocaine is formulated to effectively help tattoo artists clean and relieve pain during the tattooing process. This uniquely designed product will gently cleanse the tattoo with less irritation and swelling.
This saline based soap allows the lidocaine to be absorbed better in the skin. NOTHING’s added pain relieving ingredient Lidocaine allows the client to experience a more comfortable and less painful tattoo session.
Simply wash the skin as you normally would during the tattoo process and see the results. By offering NOTHING in your studio, you will help reduce pain and anxiety for your clients which means you can focus on your art!



“Having over 98% of my body tattooed, I have used an assortment of different ointments to help with getting tattooed.
But my most sensitive areas, such as armpits, sternum & ditches, behind my knees, and ankles! And some of my most private areas. The Nothing Foam takes the edge off far better then any other products on the market! I strongly suggest using this for your next client or your next tattoo! You will be placing a order soon, I guarantee.” -Jesse ( Mule ) Hembree

Nothing like some numbing relief in the heat of a tattoo…

“During a session lasting 6 hours, my artist broke out some of this stuff. Where LMX or another cream is designed to prenumb the area, this is designed to enter the open wound and numb the pain temporarily. Part of tattoos is pain, so to use this stuff to knock the edge off is helpful at times. They sprayed the foam onto a paper towel and sat the soaked towel on the area. I’m going to try a more aggressive application next time. That said, lidocaine is problematic if you apply it stupidly.

In large quantities it can interrupt the heart’s electric signals and cause big big issues. Less than a square foot is my rule of thumb with the creams; just enough to avoid tears with the soap. Enjoy!” -Cris “StogiePatriot”

Might work a little too well at times!

“I’ve used this twice during six hour sessions on my lower arm. One might say it worked a little too well at times, since there were some places after using where I couldn’t feel anything except the vibration of the tattoo gun. I have rather sensitive skin, so maybe it works like this for those with sensitive skin. I definitely recommend it for longer tattoo sessions!” -C.Bryant

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