It started with Kent MacCarter. Kent liked the style of 'Burger Force' and was interested in a similar look for the images he envisioned accompanying select pieces from his poetry collection, 'California Sweet'. Jackie felt a 'Burger Force'-style shoot with assorted people and locations would be prohibitive in terms of time, finance and nerves, but speculated that she could create a similar (and slightly weirder) vibe by applying the 'Burger Force' 'post production' photoshop processes to a hodgepodge of licensed stock images. The rest is ... actually history. But some of it has been reproduced for your viewing pleasure on this very page. Each piece is a collage-esque conundrum of between two and twelve heavily photoshopped stock images.

California Sweet

Kent nominated the prose selections he was most interested in having images accompany and invited Jackie to respond to them using the aforementioned process. Some of those images appear to the right. As for the rest ... you'll have to get hold of his book. 🙂


One of the editors of 'California Sweet', Bella Li, invited Jackie to contribute something in this style (part 'Burger Force', part collage) to the Slow Canoe Press chapbook she was associated with, 'Thrift'. In keeping with the theme, Jackie had fun mixing decadence with decay. The series title for these images is 'High fashion / low rent'.

Greater than 11% #1

Jackie wasn't done with models and muck, so when Renee Vaughn Sutherland invited her to contribute to Greater than 11% Vol 1, Jackie seized the opportunity to create the Stock Image Massacre 'Models in Muck' Series II: 'Greater than Restraint'.