Isolation Vacation is a five-part photographic series by Jackie Ryan featuring Carody Culver (and sometimes Emmett the cat)


These artworks are represented by OneSpace Gallery.


'Not in the Outback' isy ABC Art Works Acquisition for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC TV); it has appeared on the program 'Art Works'.


This series originated with an invitation from Pseudonaja Group for an artistic response to COVID-19. Jackie Ryan and Carody Culver had been forced to truncate an overseas holiday in the March 2020 onset of Covid and were in self-isolation during this time.

Jackie suggested they continue the holiday from the enforced comfort of their own home. They'd be the souvenirs of their own stay, and their 'tourist globes' would double as a travel bubble from which to safely view some stereotypical global sites.

Jackie took the photos and worked some Photoshop magic using travel stock images as somewhat glamorous backdrops. Of course, tracksuits can be glamorous, too.

Carody provided a dazzling accompanying essay. Both can be viewed in their original context at Pseudonaja.

Not in the Outback
Not near a Wonder of the World
Not at a Monument

Photo names and actual locations clockwise from top: 'Not in a World City' (New York), 'Not in the Outback' (Utah), Not Near a Wonder of the World' (Egypt), 'Not at a Monument' (South Dakota), 'Not Near an Island' (Skellig Michael).

Not Near an Island


  • Carody is co-editor of the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary and appears in 'Burger Force'
  • Also captured on film (in a rare moment of repose) is Emmett the cat
  • OneSpace Gallery also represents a selection of Jackies artworks from 'Burger Force'.