Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary

The Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary is a fictitious amateur writers’ group comprised of miscellaneous oddball characters with ‘ideas’ about their place in the literary world, presided over by its triumphantly egotistical founding member, Valkyrie Cul-de-sac (played by the real-world instigator of the FFA, Jackie Ryan). The various ‘members’ of the auxiliary are devised and performed by a revolving group of writers who have been invited to … turn bad. To go rogue. To overwrite. To underwrite. To ‘do it wrong’.

Writers aren’t just submitting a story when they produce something for the FFA; they are creating (and writing in the voice of) characters that fit neatly into its pleasantly delusional world. Contributing authors are encouraged to perform FFA-related readings in character as though they are attending a meeting of the auxiliary, and to pose for awkward ‘cover photos’ in costumes and makeup befitting their eccentric creations. It’s a complete world, you see. Completely bonkers.

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