We’ll Show the World: Expo 88

Published by UQP in 2018

Praise for the book:

‘This lively, often hilarious, at times chilling political and social history may be the first work to successfully define what it means to be that strange beast – a Queenslander. While the details of the exposition itself are skilfully told, it’s the other contextual forces – the politics of the time, the unfolding of the Fitzgerald Inquiry into police corruption, the whacky characters, the curious business decisions – whirling and eddying around Expo 88 that give this book its thrilling and lively edge. This is the quintessential Queensland story.’

Matthew Condon, author of the Three Crooked Kings trilogy


‘Jackie Ryan shows there was so much more to Expo 88 than the tap dancers on the pink submarine floating down the Brisbane River. The rorts, the forced resumption of land, the political drama, the arguments, the wild ride to success. Jackie takes us back to that time, that place, and those people so that the memories jump off every page.’

Hugh Lunn, author of Over the Top with Jim